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"Before it became a Millo Home”

"After it became a Millo Home”

What our client said...

As you are aware that getting Renovation is one of the most challenging jobs for any person but for us (myself and my wife) it was a journey that we enjoyed every moment of it with MILLO Kitchen and their experts especially Siddharth and Abhishek. The “Can Do” attitude and the professionalism they showed through out the renovation was top notch. The beauty of this engagement was that they always come up with ideas and solutions with a smile that kept us engaged with an amazing result which you can see from our house videos posted. Renovation is a stressful journey but for us it was fun and enjoyment with no stress with these amazing people. Every person who worked on the project for e.g., Reza and Hamid (Paint Job, Tiling), Ranjot ( Cabinets) etc. had done an excellent job with fantastic outcome. It was great teamwork and co-ordination that got the job done on time with my wife's and daughter's dream kitchen and washrooms. For us MILO Kitchen and team have become our go-to person for all our house needs whether it is interior or exterior renovation. We are very lucky and blessed to have met such amazing people who have become our friends. We hear of people trying to find the perfect Dream Team, we were lucky to find ours, hope whoever is reading this post, you don’t have to go far, your Dream Team is MILO Kitchen especially the amazing people like Siddharth, Abhishek, Mukhtar, and Sam. All the best MILO Kitchen and team, stay safe

                                                                                                                                                                - Nayeem Ekbal 

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