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How To Tell If Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets Are High Quality?

Most newly renovated kitchens will look very attractive but only the ones made with high quality will be able to withstand the test of time and maintain its appearance for decades.

Kitchen cabinets must possess the following four essential elements to be considered high quality.

Good construction: when looking at the construction of the kitchen cabinetry, there are 3 different areas to examine.

Drawers: amongst the various construction techniques, the dovetail joint – which joins two boards together at right angles - is the most widely used and recognized for quality drawers. This method, if the notches fits snug and with no gaps between the wedges, is considered a strong, solid method. Steer clear of drawer bases that are simply pinned or stapled.

Cabinet Interior: although people mostly see the outside of the cabinetry, the inside is important too. A poorly cut piece of wood may produce sharp or chipped edges as well as painful splinters. The wood does not have to look as finished as the exterior but it should not feel rough or untreated.

Box construction: cabinet boxes should be leveled and 100% right angles with thick side, floor and back panels. It should also have box reinforcements (corner braces or I-beam braces). The hanging rail should be made of solid hardwood in the back of the cabinet and attached well to the cabinet box.

Hardware: the parts used to hold the cabinetry together is equally as paramount as the craftsmanship. With quality hardware, it will withstand more wear and tear from frequent use. Shelves should be supported by metal brackets and hinges should be adjustable to align with the face frame.

Finish: by examining the finishing, you can somewhat tell how well the cabinetry is made. High caliber paint along with a smooth paint job means detailed care was given to making the cabinets. The number of coats and the kind of top seals applied also differentiates between poorly made or quality cabinets.

Material: the durability and longevity of the cabinetry is directly linked to the materials used. Each material has specific properties which makes it a better choice to use for certain areas of the kitchen cabinet. Solid wood and MDF (medium density fibre board) are commonly used in custom kitchen cabinets. Click here to learn more about its advantages and disadvantages.

The cost to renovate a kitchen may vary and there are affordable kitchen cabinets and custom built kitchen cabinetry for all types of budgets. Whatever you choose, make sure it is constructed properly and uses quality parts and materials. This will ensure your investment will last for decades. Kitchen renovation may be daunting, contact Millo’s Kitchen for a free, no obligation consultation today.

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